Physician Owned. Physician Lead.

Bringing you coordinated, patient-focused care for over 25 years.

Physicians Medical Group (PMG) is an independent practice association (IPA) of primary care and specialist physicians in Santa Cruz County.  With hundreds of physicians accepting multiple insurance products including HMOs (Health Maintenance Organization), PPOs (Preferred Provider Organization), and Medicare Advantage (MAPD) PMG is one of the foremost physician groups in California.

Owned and lead by physicians, our team-based approach to care is innovative and inclusive. We are committed to bringing quality health care, expertise, and value to our patients by focusing on patients’ access to prevention, care coordination and chronic condition management.

Physicians Medical Group has comprehensive quality checks and balances to ensure physicians provide the highest levels of care. As independent decision-makers, each physician is able to offer patient-centered care with flexibility in treatment options. PMG provides physicians with a broad spectrum of support including: contracting, quality improvement, care management, IT, and administrative.

Why is Physicians Medical Group one of the leading medical groups in CA?
  • Quality of the PCP-patient relationship
  • Nurse case management
  • Workplace wellness support
  • Patients are people not numbers
  • PMG employees and physicians are committed to patients’ health

Physicians Medical Group has several affiliated services:

PMG Consulting Services
Santa Cruz Health Information Exchange (SCHIE)